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Kith:  noun \ˈkith\: familiar friends, neighbors, or relatives <as in, kith and kin>

Kith means familiar friends, neighbors or relatives. Kith originally meant knowledge of something, or "One's native land". Sometimes used a synonym for "kinsfolk", kith can also mean "friends, fellow countrymen, or neighbors". 

At Kith Colorado, we believe all parents deserve the knowledge and support to raise happy healthy families. We cannot do it alone. We need our Kith.  Our knowledge, our friends, neighbors, and relatives to help us.

Kith Colorado is a 501c3 dedicated to improving the lives of families through parental education and support services. Parenting support and education is critical to helping families succeed. Stronger families strengthen our communities. Many families struggle to access high-quality evidence-based parenting education and support services, and our goal is to make those resources available to everyone. We focus on childbirth education, breastfeeding education and support, and developing early parenting skills. 

Kith Colorado is an inclusive organization working with families of all types that are experiencing social or financial hardships. We are actively seeking partnerships with organizations in our community serving marginalized populations. Our core values are accessibility, inclusivity, respect, and using evidence-based practices to educate and support the families we serve.  

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