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Breast Feeding Support Group

Join International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Sara Dale-Bley, of Ancient Harmony Breastfeeding Services to assess how feeding is progressing for you and your child.

The group provides a forum for families to share their feeding concerns and questions in a supportive, inclusive environment, with the guidance and facilitation of an IBCLC. Many challenges, such as slow weight gain, sore nipples, and low milk supply, can be discussed during the group sessions.

A baby scale, appropriate for both weight trends, and pre- and post- feeding weights (to assess milk intake), will be available for use at all Feeding Support Groups. All families, as well as older children, are welcome to attend. 

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MondayS 10 - 11:30am

Pearl Street Chiropractic


Thank you to Pearl Street Chiropractic, Sara Dale-Bley and our generous donors for ensuring that the BF Support group is




Testimonials from participants

 "I've been attending the Kith Colorado group every week since January 2017 when Luna was 3 months old. Before I found out about this group, I was attending Rose Hospital's group and the nurse's stopped paying attention to me even though I still had questions. Sara Dale-Bley, the IBCLC, is attentive, professional, and kind. It's nice to be able to have the support as I continue my nursing journey as a first time mom. Without Kith's funding of this group and Sara's support, I don't think I would have made it this far." Jenny E.

"Sara provides knowledgeable and non-judgmental support. Her group, funded by Kith Colorado, provides essential care, accessible to all, regardless of income. The group is a welcoming and caring atmosphere. It's so wonderful to know the resource exists for ALL Denver area families, even if they aren't able to pay. Sara's support has really made a difference as I work through breastfeeding problems, and I regularly refer families to her group." Natalie G.

 "I have attended Kith's group a few times with my son and she has always been a wealth of information. She is knowledgeable, welcoming, takes as much time as needed and provides a safe space to talk and vent as a mama with issues...even if they aren't breastfeeding related. The community and relationships being built at her group are great!" Megan S.